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Trusting Example - Powered by 4 - August 9

  • 2019 Aug 09

Friday, August 9

Trusting Example

Today's reading: Ruth 2:1-7

As we move into Ruth 2, the focus of this account turns from Naomi to Ruth, allowing us to learn more about the woman Ruth. We know from the opening chapter of this book that Ruth, a Moabite or Gentile, had committed to joining Naomi's people and following Naomi's God (see Ruth 1:16). We see Ruth living this out, quite impressively, in the first few verses of chapter 2. She trusted that God would provide for her and Naomi, and she moved forward expectantly. Her good and Godly example radiated throughout verses 1-7. These are just a few of Ruth's actions and qualities that stood out.

  • She was humble by being willing to gather leftover grain (a position just above begging) in order to get food for Naomi and herself.
  • She was unassuming and respectful in her approach and dealings with Boaz's men.
  • She was a hard worker.
  • She was deferential to Naomi, seeking her approval and guidance, even though she had taken on the role of being Naomi's caregiver.
  • She was proactive and positive in her thinking and actions. She didn't mope, look back and pine for her homeland or talk with longing about what she used to have.

What Godly actions and/or qualities did you notice about Ruth? What stood out to you most about Ruth, and why? How does trusting that God is in control and will provide for you influence your thinking and actions? Tami

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