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Power Point - Apr. 4, 2007


April 4, 2007

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

--John 3:16

It seems like more and more,\ you hear people talking about how all the religions of the world are really leading to the same God. They want everyone to just get along, put aside our differences, and make this world a giant, hug-filled place of peace.

This kind of thinking has been especially prevalent since 9/11, when it became clear that religion can be not only divisive, but deadly.

If we’re not careful, we as Christians can fall into this peaceful-sounding trap. While you and I as believers are certainly to be characterized by peace and love, we are not to give up or give in on our convictions…and give credibility to another false religion.

The truth of Christ divides people. Christ certainly preached a message of love and forgiveness, but He made it clear that not all gods are equal, and there is only one path to God. He is the ONLY way!

People of this world don’t like the Gospel of Christ; they see it as narrow-minded and divisive. The world praises the idea of one religion that unifies everyone—which in fact is coming. But the problem is that it will be the religion of evil in the end times.

Don’t surrender the truth of the Gospel for the sake of peace. We know that Christ is the only answer to the world’s need, so be ready with that answer for people who are desperately searching for something real to believe in.  


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