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Power Point - April 25, 2005

April 25, 2005


“I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in Me through their word…

--John 17:20


I remember hearing the story of the great evangelist, D.L. Moody. There was a Christian brother who stood up to pray out loud in the service in which Moody was preaching. He kept praying and praying on and on and on, and after a long while Moody finally stood to the platform and said, “Now, while this dear brother finishes his prayer, let us stand together and sing hymn number 400.”


We’re not heard for the length of our prayers or the logic of our prayers, but for the depth and weight of our prayers. Also, we are heard because we have the privilege of prayer made available through Jesus Christ. In the Bible, when we read of Jesus praying, this is also known as the high priestly prayer of our Lord. Christ prayed as our priest, interceding for us to God the Father.


In the first portion of the prayer Jesus prayed for Himself, ever so briefly that He would be encouraged and strengthened as He faced the cross, and that He would return to the glory that was His before time began. Next, He prayed for His disciples—all twelve of them. And finally, He prayed for us. YOU, my friend, are in this particular prayer that Jesus prayed. He prayed for your salvation. He prayed for your spiritual growth. He prayed for your security and protection throughout all the days of your life. You are in this prayer.


I’m particularly stricken by the fact that Jesus Himself prayed as a man. Though He was totally God, He put importance on His own life of prayer and communion with the Father. Though He was perfect and powerful, He prayed. As Christians, we should be praying as Jesus did in our inadequacy and weakness.


Many times, believers put their prayer life on the back burner and forget it even exists, or they have the wrong idea of what prayer is supposed to be. Don’t pray in length or take prayer out of the equation altogether in your Christian walk, instead add depth and meaning to your prayers. If Jesus found it necessary to pray, then we should certainly live our lives in dependent faith and in prayer to Him.





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