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Power Point - Aug. 17, 2006

August 17, 2006


I told them of the hand of my God that had been upon me for good.


--Nehemiah 2:18


If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably felt overwhelmed before. It’s a sinking and discouraging feeling, isn’t it?


Nehemiah surely felt overwhelmed by his task of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. He walked along the battered and broken down walls at night, probably feeling this task was much bigger than his ability to accomplish it.


We’ve all felt this way from time to time about the job in front of us. Even Christians sometimes feel they can’t do something that may require a great sacrifice.


But when we feel this way, you and I must remember that we have a God who can do anything! If a task seems bigger than what we can handle, that’s okay because God is with us! If you’re willing to make the sacrifice, there really is no limit to what God can do through you.


Sometimes paying the price means praying and seeking God while others are sleeping, like Nehemiah did. Sometimes it means simply pulling away from things that might distract us from our God-given task.


When God calls you to something, He also commits to help you do it. All He needs from you is to commit yourself to Him and lean on Him in complete dependence.




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