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Power Point - December 10, 2004


December 10, 2004


Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy.

                                                 -Luke 2:10


It’s a cycle every year. Stores begin hanging their sparkling Christmas decorations in November. Television commercials seek to convince all the boys and girls of the latest and greatest toy that they must be the first to have. Newspaper advertisements lure you into attending their greatest Christmas sale ever. Beloved Christmas tunes blare from the radio in your car for hours upon end. Before you know it, you’re circling the mall parking lot along with 25,000 other shoppers a week before the big day on a mission to find an 8x14-foot vacant slot to rest your vehicle.


The holiday season is filled with so many things to do and places to go, that it’s imperative to carry with you a daily planner just for the month of December in order to keep up. Christmas parties, banquets, baking to be done, gift-wrapping, family dinners, not to mention all the church activities that fill the days of the month.


How many times have you experienced buyer’s regret, especially after Christmas? You pick out the perfect gift, and your plastic is flaming because you’ve used it so much, but you decide that it’s a must for this particular holiday to be perfect, so you buy it. After getting it gift-wrapped, which also cost you an extra fee, you take it home and put it under the tree only to say to yourself just a few hours later, “Why did I buy this?” Buyer’s regret. It happens to the best of us.


Among all of the jolly Santas’, Christmas lights, and caroling, where does Christ usually fit in? For some, He is nothing more than another figurine to place in someone’s living room on an end table next to Rudolph. For others, He is truly the reason to celebrate the season. Unfortunately for many, He is not even considered to be an integral part of the Christmas celebration.


The greatest gift in history given to the entire world was Jesus Christ. The greatest act of kindness and love was shown when God sent His only Son to live among man and die on a cross for our sins. We often get so caught up in commercial busyness, not just at Christmas, but all year round, that we forget the amazing gift God gave us on that glorious day. Do you want to get it right this Christmas and every day after that? Let’s continue to remember the reason we are to celebrate Christmas—the birth of God’s Son—and begin sharing the gift of salvation and hope we have through Christ with others. Glory be to God for His indescribable gift!







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