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Power Point - December 26, 2005

December 26, 2005


Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

                                                          --Hebrews 13:8


How would you like Christmas to last all year long? Now that the presents and packages have all been unwrapped, the decorations have been taken down and put back in their boxes (or not), and we’re looking forward to another year, it’s good to know that the Spirit of Christ is living in us every single day… not only at Christmas.


Perhaps this past year and even in recent days, you have experienced changes in your life and your family — maybe progression, or maybe digression. Things rarely stay the same in life. I wish sometimes that things could stay the same, don’t you?


We get comfortable with the routine and satisfied with the status quo. We like for things to steadily rock along and change can sometimes cause pain and problems in our lives as well as possibilities. We all long for a sense of security in the midst of all of the change and changes in life. We need something that is permanent.


Hebrews 13:8 says that Jesus is permanent. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever because He is the changeless Christ. As we think about the celebration of Christ coming into the world, we need to remember that Jesus did not begin at His birth in Bethlehem, but rather in eternity past before time began. He is the pre-existent Christ. The sovereign, eternal God stepped into time in the person of Jesus in a tiny baby’s body.


Today, I want us to remember that the Christ we worship is and has been forever. With Jesus there is no past tense. Time is meaningless to God. As we reflect on the recent holidays, let us remember that our celebration of Christ doesn’t stop after Christmas Day — it continues on just as He does each and every day of the year.



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