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Power Point - Jan. 29, 2007

January 29, 2007


And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.


--Philippians 4:19


When Paul wrote to the people of Philippi, he knew they weren’t rich. As a matter of fact, the apostle Paul says these compassionate Christians gave out of their poverty so that his needs would be met. But they were doing so much more than just meeting his needs. They were making a spiritual investment!


In the same way today, when you give to the work of the Lord, you too make a spiritual investment. Not simply a contribution, but an investment in something that will truly last. 


Here’s something to think about: If God doesn’t really need your money, why should you give? Because He wants you to be a part of His redemptive work in the world today! When you give, your focus is on others and on His kingdom work. And He knows that when your focus is on you, life gets very, very small. 


Even if you think you don’t have very much to give, look around! Do you have time? Then plant the seeds of time. Even the smallest investment in others can make such a difference. Even the smallest of gifts can transmit hope, encouragement, blessing, and strength to others. 


The Philippian believers were not a rich people…but they were rich towards God and they sowed into the life and ministry of the apostle Paul. They gave…and God blessed them as a result! 


If you become rich towards God…if you become a giver…He’ll do the same for you!


make a spiritual investment by consistently giving your time and resources to the work of the lord.


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