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Power Point - Jan. 3, 2007

January 3, 2007


Most of the brothers, having become confident in the Lord by my imprisonment, are much more bold to speak the word without fear.


--Philippians 1:14


Salvation is truly an extreme makeover…a makeover that changes us from the inside out.


Paul is a perfect example. Before Paul knew God, Paul was known as Saul. He hated Christians and made it his life’s work to rid Israel of every believer in Christ. But what a changed person we meet in the book of Philippians! Saul, the persecutor of Christians, was now Paul, the apostle who willingly went to prison and endured beatings for the name of Jesus!


And what an impact Paul’s life…and his bold walk with Christ…had on other Christians. His joy, faithfulness, and strong sense of purpose gave many of the Christians in Philippi greater courage to witness for the Lord despite persecution.


Paul was a wonderful example of the truth that when we know Christ and realize He has a purpose for our troubles, we can praise Him and be faithful to Him. And God will use our boldness to strengthen other believers.


Like Paul, you and I should constantly be lifting our eyes up to Jesus…and our hands out to others…so that they may know the Jesus we know. When Paul was changed, he didn’t just stop what he was doing and close up, but opened the door of his life to others and ministered to any who were in need.


If you have experienced the “extreme makeover” of salvation in Christ, then let me encourage you today to share the Gospel with someone who needs it! And remember, other Christians will be inspired by your example to do the same.




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