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Power Point - January 24, 2005




January 24, 2005


For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

                                                 -Romans 3:23


In this verse, Paul uses two athletic terms to describe the human predicament. He says, “all have sinned,” or harmatia, which means to miss the mark. Just as an archer pull back his bow and releases the arrow toward the target, sometimes it veers away and misses the mark. That’s harmatia—sin. When he uses the term “falls short,” it’s the picture of someone falling behind in a race. Sin makes losers out of all of us.


We don’t like to talk about sin. In face, I know one preacher who likes to say, “We don’t’ even need to tell people that they’re sinners because they already know that they’re sinners. Why tell people things that they already know and make them feel worse about it?”


The fact is…people know that they are sinners, but they don’t realize the seriousness and results of it. We like to minimize and change the names of sin in order to make us feel better—to soften the blow:

  • Man calls sin an accident, but God calls it an abomination.
  • Man says that sin is carelessness, but God says it’s a catastrophe.
  • Man calls sin an error, God says it’s evil.
  • Man says that sin is just infirmity, but God calls it an iniquity.
  • Man calls sin a mistake, but God calls it madness.
  • Man calls sin reasonable, but God calls it rebellion.
  • Man calls sin weakness, but God says it is wickedness.


We try to change the labels, but a person’s no longer a drunker; he has a drinking problem. A person’s no longer a fornicator or an adulterer; it’s just an affair. People are no longer called perverted; it’s merely a sickness.


If we ever doubt the seriousness of sin, all we need to do is remember that sin murdered Jesus. And if man is not sin and if sin is not serious, then Calvary was a colossal mistake and Jesus died for no reason, if man somehow in his sin could get by. Sin has deadly, destructive, and damning power. It is the disease of the mind, cancer of the soul, and destroyer of the spirit. Don’t let it sneak into your life. Make sure your heart, mind, and soul are free from the grip of sin.




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