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Power Point - January 3, 2005



January 3, 2005


Then shall I not be ashamed, when I have respect unto all Thy commandments.

                                                                                       -Psalm 119:6


I heard the story of a woman who bought a DVD player. Only a few days after she made the purchase, she went back to the store to complain to the manager that there was a problem with it and it didn’t run right. After having words, the manager noticed the reoccurring problem and he asked the lady, “Have you read the instruction book yet to find out what it says to do?”


Sheepishly, the woman replied, “No.” She agreed to take the electronic device home and read through the instructions first before replacing it with a new one.


The manager called the woman the next day to ask how the DVD player was working. The woman replied, “It works fine. I went by the book instead of trying to fix it myself. It’s running much better now.”


Many Christians have the same trouble in their own lives—they have trouble following by the Book! Half of the books in the Bible can be read in less than 45 minutes, and a lot of them can be read in less than 20 minutes. I’ve heard it said that the Old and New Testaments can be read aloud in around 71 hours.


A believer who seeks direction and guidance in life must look in the instruction book, but unfortunately many forget to. God provided His Word—the instruction manual—for us to live and learn by. As Christians, we must study it, meditate on its principles, and gain from its wisdom. Through whatever situation you may be going through, the Bible is the number one source where you can to receive instruction and direction. If you do this, you can be assured great blessings.





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