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Power Point - January 6, 2005


January 6, 2005


Give unto the LORD the glory due to His name;

Worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.

                                                 -Psalm 29:2


George Bernard took a survey of American’s concerning the Ten Commandments, and 66% of American’s admitted to breaking the third commandment—taking God’s name in vain. I’m going to suggest to you that it’s far more than 66%. As a matter of fact, either in substance or in spirit, I’m certain that everyone in this room today has broken it.


Most of us think of breaking this commandment in terms of profanity…that somehow we break this commandment when using it whether it is an insult or to express anger. I’m sure that’s what the 66% were thinking as well. And they are right…to take the holy name of God and to couple it with profanity or cursing is indeed a wicked and evil thing.


Americans have become the most foul-mouthed generation of people in human history. You can’t go to a move anymore without hearing this kind of sensual language and even the name of God. I’ve never been to an R-rated movie for that reason (among others). Now, you can’t even go to a PG-rated movie in some cases without hearing it. It’s everywhere—radio shows, talk radio, conversations in the locker room, in songs and music, and now conversations out in public.


A person who uses this kind of language lacks emotional control, intellectual credibility, and most often is trying to impress others. Do you remember being a kid and saying those words that your parents or preacher said not to say? I do. And we were only trying to show off and impress our friends.


When using this kind of language, it doesn’t show your intellect or maturity. And men, it doesn’t show your manliness. As Christians, we are a witness to those around us—lost and saved. It takes a lot of maturity and discipline to not use profanity when attacked or offended by someone else. But, remember this, your speech indicates your character. Make an effort to glorify the name of the Lord in every word that comes out of your mouth. 




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