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Power Point - July 8, 2005

July 8, 2005


Let your light so shine before men, that they man see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

--Matthew 5:16


The last two days, I’ve talked to you about the importance of interceding and investing in our nation. But I wanted to tell you today about intervening and influencing our government and nation. Many years ago, we spoke of the silent majority. Organizations were formed to speak out for these people. The consideration was that there were thousands of silent people who were ready to move the Christian faith forward. Unfortunately, we have become a silent majority in our generation indeed.


We’re not speaking for the cause of Christ and righteousness in our time anymore. We are simply sitting back, folding our arms, and saying, “They can do whatever they want. I’m just going to mind my own business.” But the fact is, we should be preaching to everyone that Christ is Lord and to repent of all unrighteousness. Honoring our leaders and government doesn’t mean we turn our heads when they are wrong.


Nathan confronted David with his sin. Elijah prophesied in Ahab’s court. Daniel interpreted dreams and shared the plans of God to Nebuchadnezzar and pronounced the judgment of the Lord on King Belteshazzar. Moses stood boldly in the court of Pharaoh and demanded that he let God’s people go. John the Baptist saw the phoniness and sin of Herod, and confronted him face-to-face about it. It was Paul who proclaimed the Gospel of Christ to Agrippa, Festus, and other kings of the ancient world despite persecution.


Simply put…we are to proclaim the Word of God to everyone and denounce evil in every form. As long as things are happening which deny the clear commands of Scripture, we must not be silent. Our nation today, more than ever, needs to hear the Word of God. We are in a state of national, spiritual emergency and often the church and God’s people are sinfully silent.


Just because the economy is in good shape doesn’t mean that God is blessing America and that judgment isn’t coming. In Acts 19, the Scripture says that when Paul went to Ephesus a riot broke out. There was an uproar because Paul was preaching Christ and lives were being changed. People began putting away their idols (which was bad for business) because Paul and his companions were turning the world upside down.


Pray that God would help you intervene in your nation in the same way. Change your heart, your homeland, and your world just as Paul and other believers of the past have done. If you love your country, the most patriotic thing you can do as a citizen is to get involved in the life of a Christ-exalting, Bible-believing church, and publicly share your personal faith with family and friends that they may know Jesus Christ.




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