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Power Point - June 9, 2005

June 9, 2005


Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,

The fruit of the womb is a reward. -- Psalm 127:3


Parents, when raising your children in the university of life you must give them love and limits, but also give them leadership. They look to you as an example of how they should be. There are so many examples that we ought to be setting for our children in our personal habits and worship life. In the simple matter of worship and church attendance, are you setting the example?


There is a man in the Bible by the name of Jotham (see 2 Chronicles 27-28). His father, Uzziah, was a godly king. But one day, Uzziah went into the temple, disobeyed God, and was corrected as a result. Jotham, who later became king, was angered about what happened to his father in the temple.


The Bible tells us specifically that Jotham did not attend services of worship at the temple after that because of his anger. Scripture goes on to tell us that he paid a terrible price for that. As a result, Jotham’s son, who also became king, lived his life as an idol worshiper, even sacrificing the lives of his own children in worship to the gods.


I wonder how many children are sacrificed today because some parent got mad at the church or its leaders and said, “We’re not going anymore.” I wonder how many parents decided they didn’t care if they set the right example or not. Above all else, I don’t care if my children know me as a preacher, teacher, or minister. I want them to know me as a dad who loves God and lives the love of God in our home. That’s leadership. That’s being an example. That’s being a testimony that will make an eternal difference in the life of your children.


Parents, focus on getting yourself right with God before trying to make your family perfect. Share Jesus with them, love them always, praise them more, lay their boundaries out, and set a godly example. That’s the kind of leadership you should be portraying and your children deserve it. Give them a real, authentic experience and example of Jesus Christ.



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