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Power Point - May 3, 2005

May 3, 2005

She opens her mouth with wisdom,

And on her tongue is the law of kindness.

She watches over the ways of her household,

And does not eat the bread of idleness.

Her children rise up and call her blessed;

He husband also, and he praises her…

                                      --Proverbs 31:26-28


Since 9/11, we’ve grasped a greater sense of who the real hero’s in life are. We discovered once again that real heroes are not celebrities, superstars, media personalities, or athletes, but instead they are people such as firefighters, rescue workers, and police officers. I want to add another person to this list of real heroes—mothers.


My mom is a hero to me. Being a mom brings out the very best in women. It requires the greatest responsibilities and the highest priorities. One of the most dedicated mothers in our generation is a woman who many would have considered among the most powerful women in Washington, Karen Hughes. Back in 2002, she announced, “I’m leaving Washington! I’m leaving the White House and the reason is my family. The reason is my 15-year-old son and my husband, and making my family and my child the priority of my life.”


Here was a woman who was willing to lay down power for the greatest power on earth—the power of love and of family. Recently, a study took place that attempted to describe the value of a mother in monetary ways, to determine a salary. This particular study determined that if you added up all the things that a mother does her value in salary would be $507,000 per year. Some of the jobs that were added in were: chef, childcare worker, registered nurse, financial planner, dietician, property manager, social worker, housekeeper, psychologist, and more!


How would you measure the priceless quality of a woman who is a godly mother? It is impossible to total up the value. Money can’t buy a mom! There is no price tag that could equate to what a Christian mother can do. The most important thing that moms and dads can do is to share their faith with their children and the generations to come. Each child is a gift from God that He places in our hearts and homes, so that we can nurture them and lead them in the right direction.


If you are a Christian mom, pray that God would give you the wisdom needed to guide your family in the ways of the Lord. If you know of or have a godly mother, pray that she would have strength and wisdom to continue carrying out God’s highest calling.




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