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Power Point - November 2, 2004


November 2, 2004


But the end of all things is at hand; therefore be serious and watchful in your prayers.

                                                                                             --1 Peter 4:7


It doesn’t take much of a mind to be a Christian, but it takes all the mind that we have. We are to have the mind of Him thinking and living through us that is sensible, steady, sober, and sane. If there’s one prayer that I pray most often in my life, it is to pray for balance. I pray, “O God, give me balance in my life—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”


As a Christian, we are not to be given to extremes. So how are we to maintain our emotional and spiritual equilibrium, and all the while have the mind of Christ during these times? It’s difficult times when the winds of all kinds of crazy doctrines are blowing and when the attacks of hell’s holocaust are upon this generation.


Yesterday, we looked at the verse above and those following. This particular verse tells us to be sober, steady, and serious as we are watchful, alert, and awake in the practice of prayer. I like the way the Greek scholar, Kenneth Weese, translates this verse. He says, “Be calm and collected in spirit so that you can be active in prayer.”


We are to be an earnest, thoughtful, and thinking people in prayer. Life is serious, and the world is a scary, dangerous place in which we live. And that age-old motto is never more appropriate than today: “Life is fragile, handle with prayer.”


So I say to you, my friend, do not be drugged by the spirits of this age. Keep your eyes focused on the Lord! During these times, you’ll need inner strength and resources on which to stand. When the winds blow against you don’t push the panic button, but push the prayer button. Prayer is like an anchor in the midst of the storm. When you’re feeling as though trials are sweeping you off your feet, get on your knees and pray!





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