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Power Point - Oct. 23, 2006

October 23, 2006


He considered the reproach of Christ greater wealth than the treasures of Egypt, for he was looking to the reward.

--Hebrews 11:26


How often do you think about the future?


It’s important to see where you’re headed, especially if you want to leave a legacy of blessing for future generations.


That’s what Moses did when he took a hard look at the struggles of his enslaved people, the Israelites, and knew he could not just sit back and enjoy his luxurious life in Pharaoh’s palace and let them suffer as slaves.


Moses realized this was not the future God had in mind for him…or his people.


My prayer for us is that we will look ahead and see not only our future, but the future of the people God has called us to reach. We need to have a burden that compels us to do something about the spiritually lost people around us, knowing that they face a hopeless future and eternity without Christ.


As believers, we have a wonderful future awaiting us in heaven. But we can’t just sit back and enjoy the good things of God while unbelievers all around us are heading to a horrible future!


Remember, non-believers have an eternal future too—a very bleak and painful one. I truly believe that when we as Christians comprehend the significance of that fact, we become absolutely desperate to share Christ with others.


Moses saw into the future and decided to do something about it. Why not “pull a Moses” today and reach out to that unsaved friend or neighbor?





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