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Power Point - Sept. 4, 2006

September 4, 2006


Deliver us from evil.

--Matthew 6:13


Too often we are complacent about our enemy, the devil. For some reason, many Christians today don’t feel that he is a real threat…so they don’t pray for deliverance from his attacks. That’s a very dangerous risk, because the battle against the devil is won on our knees!


The Scripture says that if we love the Lord, then we should hate evil and iniquity. The church as a whole needs a holy anger toward sin and a passion for the work and glory of God. We should not let His name or His work be dishonored.


Nehemiah was being taunted by his enemies as he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, so he prayed, “Turn back their taunt on their own heads” (Nehemiah 4:4). This may not sound like your normal “Christian” prayer, but these evildoers were discrediting the name of God and needed to be silenced!


Nehemiah was praying for God to display His power and show the hecklers who was really in control. Nehemiah could pray this way because he knew that God was on the side of His people.


My challenge to you today is to take evil seriously. Pray for a renewed passion to fight against the sin and evil that are thrown your way. Do not underestimate your adversary, but fight the good fight by doing battle on your knees!





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