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Power Point - Sept. 7, 2006

September 7, 2006


“Yes, what they are building—if a fox goes up on it he will break down their stone wall!”


--Nehemiah 4:3


All of us know someone in life who’s a fault-finder…someone who seems to take delight in finding a problem with everything around them.


Nehemiah faced the same kinds of people when he was rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. In fact, some of the fault-finders were his own people! As the verse says above, they criticized the job he was doing and predicted that even a fox could knock the wall down.


Sarcasm, criticism, and cynicism can be very defeating. In fact, someone may be criticizing you this moment. Maybe they’ve said some things that have hurt you and it’s eating you alive.


Today I want to encourage you not to listen to the fault-finders and negative voices around you. Because I promise you, they will bring discouragement and defeat into your life!


Instead, I want to challenge you to meditate on God’s Word when negative comments are thrown your way. Take some time today to read Psalm 37. This chapter has been a source of comfort for me many times, and I’m confident God’s promises will help drown out the fault-finders in your life today.


Make a commitment today to focus on god’s promises and not on the fault-finders in your life.


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