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PowerPoint - Aug. 13, 2010

Choosing your destiny

August 13, 2010

Then Jesus, looking at him, loved him…

--Mark 10:21

I want to talk with you today about one of the most tragic pictures in Scripture. Jesus had just told the rich young ruler that he must sell all his possessions and give to the poor in order to follow him. The man went away brokenhearted because he was clearly unwilling to do what Jesus required.

Do you know what Jesus did next? He did nothing. He didn't cajole him and say, "Oh, come on back. I'm sure we can negotiate something." He let the man go.

This young man who had it all lost it all in an instant. He might have become a mighty preacher or used his wealth to the glory of God. He could have laid up treasures in heaven! But none of those things happened.

Now you have a choice to make too. You can choose to follow Christ and to be with him forever or to be separated from him for eternity. Jesus will not force you to follow him, and he will not change the terms of salvation. You come to Jesus on his terms, or not at all! 

Right now Jesus is looking at you and loving you. And he invites you to turn loose of anything and everything that would keep you from following him. 

Pick up your cross. Follow him, trust him, believe him and receive him into your heart right now.


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