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PowerPoint - Dec. 30, 2008

His offspring will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed.
--Psalm 112:2

What do your children need and want more than anything? YOU!

The cry of “generation next” is for their parents. God has placed your children in your hands, not just to provide for, but to shape and mold. And that takes your time, energy, and presence.

You and I have a responsibility too great to waste the moments, days, and years we have as parents. We must take every opportunity to teach, train, nourish, nurture, love, and prepare them for the world.

I remember reading an article in Newsweek about the next generation. One 17-year-old was quoted, “There’s a lot of anger in my generation. You can hear it in the music. Kids are angry for a lot of reasons. But mostly because parents aren’t around.”

Your children need your attention, because the time really is fleeting. I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed since my children were born. Now, they are grown. So, I want to urge you today to make every moment count.

Now, none of us are expected to be perfect parents. And that’s good because none of us are, myself included!

But God does expect you and me to be priority parents. Parenting is a full-time responsibility and we are called to put our children and our families first in our lives.
When you do, Psalm 112:2 says this generation will be blessed.


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