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PowerPoint - July 23, 2007

July 23, 2007


Noah…did all that God commanded him.

--Genesis 6:22


Noah certainly lived a life of faith in the Lord. The earth had never seen rain before, so the idea of water falling from the sky was a ridiculous and silly notion in those days. But that didn’t stop Noah from announcing the fact that God was going to send rain.


Noah believed God so much that he built an ark right in the middle in his own front yard. What would you or I do if God commanded us to do something like that? Maybe we would just laugh and say, “Lord, You must be joking.”


But as our society moves further and further away from God, we as Christians may find ourselves being called by God to do things that seem pointless to others. That’s when we need to remember that Christ has a bigger and better plan than we do.


In Luke 19:13, the Lord says to take care of His business until He comes back. God’s business is establishing His kingdom on earth, and it’s our responsibility to be salt and light in this dark world. These are desperate times of sin and unfaithfulness, and you and I have a message of hope that we are to be spreading like wildfire!


The only way to leave a lasting impression for Christ and ultimately change the world is to live a life of complete faith and obedience. That’s something you can do today. And as you are faithful each day, God will use you to do something world-changing!




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