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PowerPoint - July 30, 2010

Jesus is the difference

July 30, 2010

… But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

--Romans 5:8

I want to share with you an illustration that reveals how Christianity is different from the other religions of the world. It's an easy way to share this truth with others.

Imagine a man who's stuck in a pit and who can't get out. Buddha comes along and says, "Meditate, discipline yourself, seek wisdom, purify yourself, and you'll get out."  So the man tries all of that but he can't get out. 

Mohammed comes by and says, "Worship Allah and him only. Practice the Five Pillars and you'll get out of the pit." And so the man did as he was told, but he remained stuck.

When Christ comes along and sees the dilemma of the man and he gets down in the pit with him. Then, with nail-scarred hands, he lifts the man out of the pit.

Do you see the difference? The religions of the world have a "do" mentality. "Do this" and "do that" and you'll get out of the pit. 

But in Christ Jesus, the work is already "done." When Christ died on the cross and cried out, "It is finished," the salvation of mankind was completed. Jesus paid it all. He made it possible for everyone to know him as Savior now and forever.

True Christianity is not like the other religions of the world! But you must decide for yourself. Jesus: Yes or No.


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