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Powerpoint - June 18, 2012


How to make your marriage thrive

June 18, 2012

Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

Genesis 2:24

I was in a friend’s home one time and I noticed there was a thick book on one of his bookshelves. As I looked closer, I saw that his name was on that book as the author. So I read the title, and to my amazement the book was called Everything I Know about Women.

I wanted to find out about that book so I pulled it out, laid it on the table, and opened it. I began to turn the pages and found out that all 300-400 pages were totally blank!

I think that people of both genders would agree there is much that men don’t understand about women. But when we open the Word of God, we don’t stare at a blank page because it is the best marriage manual available. All the seminars, all the studies, and every relationship guru we have combined can’t compare with God’s direct word and counsel concerning the home because He is the creator of marriage.

God established the home. And because of that, He knows how it should work. So instead of turning to the world’s latest resource on marriage, read what the Scriptures say. Find Bible-centered literature you can trust to show you how to have a thriving, Christ-centered marriage!



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