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PowerPoint - June 20, 2008

June 20, 2008

That I may know him and the power of his resurrection, and may share his sufferings, becoming like him in his death.

--Philippians 3:10

What is the most important pursuit of your life?

The Bible says, without a doubt, the most important pursuit for every believer is to know God. Not to know about Him… or to know others who know Him… but to truly know Him for yourself.

This was God’s plan from the very beginning—that His children would live in intimate fellowship with Him. He created you to know Him and to find your greatest fulfillment in His presence… and that is still His greatest desire for you today.

In our Scripture today, the apostle Paul made it clear that his primary pursuit in life was, “that I may know Him….” Of course, Paul already knew Jesus Christ as His Savior. But Paul understood that knowing the Lord would be a continuous journey throughout his lifetime… and he was passionate that his relationship with Christ would grow closer every day.

As you know, all relationships take time. You can’t meet someone once, or just spend time with them occasionally, and claim that you truly know that person. There is tremendous depth in a person’s heart, and it often takes years of relationship to connect and understand another person, and to share your life with them in a meaningful way.

In the same way, it takes time to develop an intimate relationship with the Lord. It won’t just happen. To really know Christ will require you to be intentional about spending time in God’s Word and in His presence… and to make the pursuit of knowing God a priority in your daily life.

When you do, you will experience a depth of relationship with the Lord that will radically transform your life.

I love what Bill Bright said… “Everything about your life; your desires, your motives, attitudes, words and actions, is influenced by your perception of God.” When you truly know the Lord, you will respond to life in an entirely different way!
So let me ask you today… what are you pursuing in life? Are you seeking to truly know the Lord… or is this an area that needs greater priority in your life? I pray that you will make knowing the Lord your greatest pursuit in life, and in doing so, experience the abundant life He has for you!


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