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PowerPoint - June 23, 2010

You're called to true repentance

June 23, 2010

"… I [Jesus] tell you; but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish."

--Luke 13:5

There's a word in Scripture that you don't hear very much these days. It's the word "repent." 

The word repent means that one moment you're walking away from God, but then you turn around and start walking toward him. You turn around and trust in Jesus Christ and receive him as your Lord and Savior.

So, in today's verse, we find Jesus using this word. He's saying, "Unless you repent… unless you turn from your sinful ways and start walking with me… you will perish."

You see, repentance requires that you and I make a clean break from the world… a clean break with sin…. and a clean break with the past. God hasn't called you to be a borderline believer—he wants your whole heart. He wants you to give him your all.

So how are you living? Maybe you've come out of the world, but just barely. Well, if your life still resembles that of an unbeliever, you haven't truly repented, have you?

Let me challenge you to truly repent and make a clean break with sin and your past.

Separate yourself from the world and walk with Christ. Then take a stand for your Savior… and experience the joy and newness of life that comes from living in complete obedience 


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