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PowerPoint - Mar. 17, 2008

March 17, 2008

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
--1 John 1:9

Many people in our world today have a distorted image of who God really is. And that’s a tragedy because how you view God affects how you view yourself, your family, your friends… even your career!

That’s why today, I want to ask you to think about what comes to mind when you think about God. Is your God a stern policeman that sits in the shadows just waiting for you to break the law and punish you?

Is your God the mechanic who comes in to fix things in your life when there’s an emergency or when things such as health, marriage, or finances are broken?

Or is your God a decrepit, kindly old grandfather with a long white beard sitting on his rocker in heaven that you go and visit every once and a while?

I think many people think of God in one of these three ways. But the truth is that these are all gods of our imagination—false images of the true God! They don’t describe the God revealed in the Scripture.

The God of the Bible, the one true God, is a God who knows our weaknesses and sinful nature. Even though He is holy and sinless, He extends grace and forgives us time and time again. He is loving, kind, and gracious! 

Never forget that He is the true, living God… a God whose lap you can crawl into when you’ve failed for the 100th time… a God you can call Abba Father, or Daddy.

I hope this truth encourages you today!


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