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PowerPoint - May 1, 2007

May 1, 2007


She took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate.

--Genesis 3:6


Our world is certainly not a perfect world. You don’t have to go very far or listen very long to be reminded of the evil and sin all around us.


The secular humanist has no real answer to the philosophical question of the existence of evil. Humanists believe falsely that humans are basically good in spite of all evidence to the contrary.


One chilling example is a study done by the late professor Allen Bloom, who asked his college students, “How do you identify an evil person?” His question was met with silence. Not one student could give him a determining factor of evil! Bloom said that our inability to identify and recognize evil is a sign of grave danger in our society.


Our society has become so perverse that we can’t even recognize evil or wrongdoing. Since 9/11 you probably won’t find very many people who would say there is no such thing as evil. But you probably couldn’t find many who know what evil is or why it is so prevalent in our society.


The Bible has the answer to the problem of evil. It all goes back to Genesis 3 and our first parents, who yielded to temptation. Sin came into our world at that point, and it’s something we’ve had to deal with since.


But, according to the Bible, we do have hope…and that hope is in Christ. Through Christ we are freed from the power of sin and evil. And because of Christ, we can live as people of purity in a twisted world.


My challenge to you today is to reflect that purity in how you live so that a world that is in the grips of evil will see the only hope…the hope of Jesus Christ.




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