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PowerPoint - May 26, 2009

What’s on your bucket list?
May 26, 2009

For I know the plans I have for you

--Jeremiah 29:11a

There was a movie out not too long ago called The Bucket List. Actors Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson played a couple of terminally ill men who make a list of all the things they want to do before they “kick the bucket.”

You know, perhaps you and I ought to have a bucket list. A bucket list might help ensure that we do the things we need to do, and that God has made us to enjoy.

Though I don’t know what might be on your bucket list, I do know one thing. Your list should include this goal: to know and follow Jesus Christ. Now, that changes the list, doesn’t it? It turns the list upside down!

This is the plan God has for you and me. When we have an eternal perspective, we can live every day with the expectation that Christ is coming for us. And then you and I can be assured that when we slip from this life to the next we will be in his presence forever.

Let me share a little story with you that demonstrates this perspective. Not too long ago, I talked to a friend of mine in Louisiana, a pastor named Tommy French. Tommy told me that something amazing had happened when his wife was in a coma and nearing the end of her life.

One day, with her daughter at her side, Tommy’s wife suddenly sat up and said, “Oh, I see it! What Tommy’s been preaching about all these years is true! It’s real! And it’s beautiful!” And with that she went back to sleep and on to eternity.

Was Tommy’s wife hallucinating? I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind a hallucination like that. But more than that, I want a hope like that! A hope that is steadfast, strong, and sure.

Right now, you can have this hope. Let God place the hope of eternity in your heart and it will change the way you live every day going forward. 


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