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PowerPoint - Sept. 3, 2007

September 3, 2007


I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

--Philippians 4:13


Which mode are you living in today? Are you simply in survival mode… just getting by… just trying to make it to Friday? Or are you in success mode… always striving for personal and financial achievement?


Or… do you live in significance mode… knowing who you are in Christ and discovering His destiny for your life?


Sadly, most people… and many followers of Christ… would have to admit that they live most of the time in survival or success mode. But living in significance mode is the only way to see God’s plan for your life fulfilled before your very eyes!


Now, a great example of someone who lived life in the significance mode is Joseph. But what gave his life significance? Purpose. Joseph was a man of significance because he was a man of purpose.


God put a dream in Joseph’s heart when he was a young man and he never forgot God's dream for his life. Joseph would not let that dream die. He was driven by that dream… and he was consumed by the call of God upon his life.


Joseph saw every problem as an opportunity… a possibility for God to work in his life.


So let me ask you, what mode are you living in today? I encourage you to live like Joseph… with significance and with purpose.


People of purpose are not paralyzed by their problems. Because people of purpose who know the Lord Jesus Christ, know that there's no panic in heaven… only plans!


look at every problem as an opportunity for god to do something great in your life.


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