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Preaching Daily - February 28

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My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart - Proverbs 3:1

3 Kinds of Sermon Applications

Jeff Medders

Every preacher is different. Some men, by the grace of God, are masters of Illustration-I am not. Others, their explanation of the text is so riveting that an hour goes by in minutes (at least, that’s what it feels like). And for most preachers-me included-applications tend to sag. They are there, but they aren’t fresh; it seems like the came from someone else’s fridge. Or maybe they are half-baked. Still a little doughy in the middle. It’s hard to get nutrients from that.

We need solid applications. Something the church can get their mitts on.

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Today’s Pastoral Resource...

Preaching Employers

Hiring a new employee can be scary with not knowing who may apply and walk through your doors. But it doesn't have to be. Preaching Jobs for Employers has a database featuring thousands of qualified potential employees. They also offer services to assist you in the process including background checks.

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