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Preaching Daily - March 29, 2018

Today's Reading...

Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God--John 1:12

Mannaburgers and Roast Quail

Even though Thanksgiving is about food for most Americans, it tends not to be a time for culinary adventures. Most of us tend to go for the tried and true when it comes to turkey and pumpkin pie. In fact, last week I heard someone describing how the family gets on his dad for experimenting with new stuff at Thanksgiving.

This morning's story is all about food. But it comes out of the desert wanderings of God's people. Wilderness and desert do not sound like a context for cooking. By the way, 70 percent of the Bible story takes place in the context of wilderness. But this morning's Scripture is about creative Israeli cooks who hatched up a dish they might have called "Quail a la manna." In Hebrew fast-food places, I wonder if they didn't market mannaburgers. You could get your mannaburgers with or without roast quail.

The Hebrew people are on their long march between Egypt and the land of Canaan. God gives them a wonderful experience of deliverance from bondage in Egypt. They walk through the sea on dry land, while Pharaoh's army is swallowed up in water. They celebrate with singing and dancing. We read about it in Exodus 15.

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Today’s Pastoral Resource...

Preaching Employers

Hiring a new employee can be scary with not knowing who may apply and walk through your doors. But it doesn't have to be. Preaching Jobs for Employers has a database featuring thousands of qualified potential employees. They also offer services to assist you in the process including background checks.

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