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Preaching Daily - September 12

  • 2022 Sep 12

Today's Devotional Insight...

5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Martyn Lloyd-Jones’s Preaching

Jason C. Meyer

A Ministry-Shaping Life

I owe more to the ministry of Martyn Lloyd-Jones than I can put into words. In what follows, I try to summarize some of the most life-changing lessons I have learned from his preaching.

1. Preach the Word.
Lloyd-Jones practiced expository preaching in a day when few practiced it. Through his pulpit ministry many rediscovered the biblical beauty and necessity of expository preaching. In expository preaching, we humbly put ourselves under the text so that the people see that “what we are saying comes out of the Bible, and always comes out of it. That is the origin of our message.”1 The Doctor stressed that all preaching must be expository because an expository sermon honors what he called the golden rule of preaching.

"At this point there is one golden rule, one absolute demand–honesty. You have got to be honest with your text. I mean by that, that you do not go to a text just to pick out an idea which interests you and then deal with that idea yourself. That is to be dishonest with the text."

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Today’s Pastoral Resource...

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