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Somebody Loves You - June 25

  • 2016 Jun 25

SATURDAY 25 June, 2016

Strike Only the King!

...And all the people who are with him will flee, and I will strike only the king. Then I will bring back all the people to you. When all return except the man whom you seek, all the people will be at peace.”  And the saying pleased Absalom and all the elders of Israel. - 2 Samuel 17:2-4

Ahithophelwas intent on killing one man––David. His rage poured into his determined plans––his onslaught against the weakened king. He would pursue David, a notable man; a shepherd boy who became the Lord’s anointed king. Once he was eliminated then everything would be at peace with the people and the city; but in reality Ahithophel, David’s hypocritical counselor, was the problem. His words only pleased the listeners. How lost was Absalom to agree to his father’s murder––can you believe this?

Besides, why did Ahithophel think David’s men were going to flee? Opposite to his belief they would step forward and defend him. They were close to the heart of David and his mighty men would be first on the front lines. They were willing to lay down their lives for him! These fighters were faithful to God and would rally to one man––their beloved king.

The Pharisees and Sadducees believed Jesus Christ was a problem. They saw him in a different light. He was a blasphemer who broke the law (Luke 23:2; Matthew 12:9-14; Matthew 26:65). This madman, needed to be killed (John 10:20, 31-33). Then the people would be brought back into a unified peace under Moses’ law and their hypocritical leadership.

These religious leaders would strike only at Christ and in His arrest the disciples were scattered from their Shepherd. He was then crucified. Prophecy was fulfilled in Zechariah 13:7: …“Strike the Shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered…” After He resurrected, they gathered together in an upper room, once empowered they would die for their king!

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.
~Jim Elliot~

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