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Time with God - Apr. 17, 2009




Friday 17th April

Proverbs 10

A wise son makes a father glad.

You can bring great joy and gladness into your family by living God’s way in the way you relate to them!

God designed human relationships to reflect His own relational nature, and the greatest expression of that in our experience is the family. It is God’s plan that families should picture the wonderful relationship He experiences within the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit.

Just as God receives great gladness and joy and pleasure from the relationships within the Godhead, so His design is that families would be a place of gladness and joy too.

To the extent that we reflect God in our family relationships, we will be a source of that gladness in our families. When, like Christ, we put others first and honour and serve them before ourselves; when we actively show our concern for the welfare of others in our family; when we speak the truth in love; when we encourage and comfort each other, then we are representing the Lord the way He intends.

This simple line of Scripture brings us a great challenge from God today, doesn’t it? How can I, today, bring gladness and joy to my family? How can I represent Christ to them? 

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