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Time with God - August 2, 2017

Isaiah 41:17

“When the poor and needy seek water, and there is none, and their tongue is parched with thirst, I the LORD will answer them.”

People’s hearts are thirsty for God!

When someone comes to your house and they say that they are thirsty, the first thing you offer them is a glass of water. It’s a no brainer. The thing we sometimes don’t realise is that people in our world are thirsty, their tongues are parched with thirst. Their souls are desperate for living water. They try to drink from the well of alcohol, sex, drugs, money but nothing can satisfy them.

Jesus says that if anyone is thirsty they should come to him. The problem is that most people don’t know that Jesus is the living water. They don’t know that he can satisfy their thirst—that he can give them meaning and purpose. However, you know Jesus. He was the one who satisfied your thirst. You have access to the living water and you know where to get it.

The question is: Are you taking people there? Are you showing them the way to the living water?

Today, be reminded that God’s answer for the poor and needy seeking water is Jesus Christ. Remember that only Jesus can satisfy the thirst people have, once and forever. God is asking you to get involved in the process. He’s asking you to tell the people in your life about the amazing living water that’s been made available to them. Then leave it to Jesus to quench their thirst.

Think about your thirst before you met Jesus and how it affected your life. Write down how drinking from his river satisfied your thirst:

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