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Time with God - Dec. 20, 2010

Psalms 99  

He [the Lord] spoke to them in the pillar of cloud; they kept His testimonies and the statute that He gave them.

Obedience is a right response to God!

We talk so much today about how you can find God's help for your life, for your finances, for your relationships, for your work, that we can gradually come to think that the universe, and even God Himself, exist for us — that we are the center of all things.

How important to remember that God is the one who sits on the throne of the universe. He is the one around whom all things revolve. He is God and we are just creatures. We are so wrong when we take God's directions for life as mere guidelines — general suggestions that we should take into account.

The reality is that God has set two ways of living the Christian life before us. One way leads to life and blessing and fullness of joy. The other way leads to frustration and emptiness and wasted life.

Today God is inviting you to live the way of obedience to Him. If you choose to keep enough Christianity to appease your conscience, but still live for yourself, you will come to the end of your life full of regret at how you wasted it.

Respond to God's invitation to you today by bringing your whole life under His leadership. Listen when He speaks. 

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