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Time with God - Dec. 7, 2012


Read Psalms 119:33-40

Turn away my eyes from looking at vanity, and revive me in Your ways. Establish Your word to Your servant as that which produces reverence for You.(vv. 37-38)

God’s word keeps your life focused on the right things!

“Vanity” means things that really don’t matter very much in the end—things that don’t have any lasting value—things that are just wasted energy.

Don’t you hate the feeling that you have just wasted all sorts of time and energy on something? Many of the things we focus on in life, things the world pursues with great energy and urgency, really won’t matter very much in the end. When you lie on your deathbed, you won’t wish you had worked more, or made more money, or achieved a higher position. But you will wish that you had loved God more, focused on people more, spent more time with your family, shared your faith more, prayed more, and pursued God’s purpose for your life.

So, how can you change your focus now, so that you will not have regrets later? How can you revive your passion for God’s ways?

God’s reminding us today that it’s His word that helps you put Him in the place of honor in your life. It’s His word that alters your perspective on what’s important. Spend some time in today’s passage and invite God to change your outlook on life.

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