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Time with God - December 17

Monday 17th December

Romans 10:1

“Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved.”

If you love someone who doesn’t know the Lord yet, pray for their salvation. If you’ve shared Christ with someone, pray that God wouldn’t let them forget what you have shared with them, that God would let them see that he’s made them in such a way that they need him in their lives.

Know someone who’s not interested in God? Pray that God would make them interested. Pray that God would disrupt their lives, if necessary, to get their attention.

If there’s someone in your family who’s not at all interested in your ‘religion’, don’t keep banging your head against that wall. Rather, pray for them. Pray that God will bring about that moment of openness, and that he’ll make you sensitive to notice it, and bold to take the opportunity, and perceptive to give them time to become more open and to move towards Christ.

Who is it that saves a person—you, or God? Who is it that softens a person’s heart—you, or God? Who is it that brings about ‘divine appointments’ for you to share Christ—you, or God? Who is it that convicts the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment—you, or God?

Then shouldn’t you be depending on him a little bit more for the salvation of those whose lives you touch?

Write out a prayer for someone in your life who needs God.

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