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Time with God - Jan. 25, 2010

Monday 25th January

Proverbs 15:22-23

Without consultation, plans are frustrated, but with many counselors they succeed. A man has joy in an apt answer, and how delightful is a timely word!

Have I gotten good counsel?

As Christians we constantly battle against our sin-nature, against our old way of independence. Our society encourages our sin-nature to say, "I can do it", "I know best." This attitude is so strongly ingrained in us that even among Christians it is not very popular to seek godly counsel.

How poor we are for this attitude! So many of God's greatest lessons in my life have come from the counsel and input of others in my life.

Notice the verse encourages us to have "many counselors." Avoid basing all your decisions in life on the counsel of one person, but cultivate a circle of people in your life who give spiritual input to your walk with God. If you don't know people who could fill that role for you, start a Bible study group in your home and begin to cultivate a group of people committed to God's Word.

Soon you will have your circle of godly influence as you all pursue God and His will for your lives together!

What do you think God wants you to do in response to this life principle? Journal your response to Him here. Thank God for using godly friends to bring joy and success into your life. 

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