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Time with God - Jan. 7, 2011

Isaiah 2:5

Come, house of Jacob, and let us walk in the light of the LORD. (please read vv. 5-11)

Don't let anything distract you from focusing your life on the presence and person of God!

The people of Israel had been distracted. They were "filled with influences from the east" (v. 6); and "their land has also been filled with silver and gold" and "filled with horses and…chariots" (v. 7) and "filled with idols" (v. 8).

Some of their distractions were clearly ungodly—occultism from the east and idolatry. Other distractions were not wrong in themselves—wealth and power—but made them feel self-sufficient and removed their awareness that they needed God.

But both the things that were clearly ungodly and the things that were merely distractions all worked together to draw God's people away from their daily dependence on God Himself. They lost their sense of His presence, His nearness.

Do you hear the Lord's invitation to you today through Isaiah? "Come, and let us walk in the light of the LORD." Have financial pressures or financial success distracted you from God? Is your social schedule squeezing God out? Are TV shows or the internet using up the time you might spend with God?

At the end of life, when we truly see God as He is, we will know that nothing else in life was worth ignoring Him. Spend some time walking in the light with God today. 

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