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Time with God - January 26, 2016


1 Thessalonians 5:17

Pray without ceasing.

To increase your faith, increase your communication with God!

This is one of the shortest verses in the Bible-just three words-but it is one of the most powerful keys to your Christian life. Your faith will flow from your current of communion with God. When you are experiencing God Himself in your life and His nearness is something that you are consciously aware of, what is there to fear in anything else that comes along?

Your living, interactive, personal connection to God makes your faith bulletproof. It is this kind of connection with God that Paul is talking about in this passage and that God is challenging us about today.

God wants you to not only have a special time with Him in His word and prayer each day; He also wants you to learn the practice of communicating with Him throughout the day.

Keep your awareness of the presence of God constant and you never need to worry that your faith might falter at the critical moment. Your faith will pour out of your experience of God.

If you are able to think while doing other things, then you are also able to pray while doing other things. Why not work on it today? Develop the habit of constant fellowship with God.

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