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Time with God - January 8, 2015

Psalm 119:129-136


The unfolding of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. (v. 130)


It is the Holy Spirit who “unfolds” God’s words to us throughout our lives. He uses preachers, friends, our own minds, Christian books, teaching, and His own illumination in our minds as we read the Bible to open our understanding more and more to His truth. 


That is why a young Christian can love God with all their heart and be very close to God relationally, but cannot attain to the maturity and spiritual wisdom of a Christian who has been walking with God through the Scriptures for years.


Even “the simple,” those without a great intellect, can come to a place of deep spirituality and understanding over time, simply by allowing the Holy Spirit to unfold God’s words into their hearts.


Are you spending time in God’s Word? Are you giving the Holy Spirit the opportunity to unfold God’s words and give you a deep understanding of God’s way of life? 


This is one of the main reasons God has given you His Spirit in your life. He wants to help you see life from His perfect perspective. He wants to lead and guide you through His Word.


But that will only happen as you open your Bible and start reading! How about right now?

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