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Time with God - January 9, 2017

Psalm 119:153-160

“Give me life according to your promise…give me life according to your rules…give me life according to your steadfast love.”(vv. 154,156,159)

How are you going spiritually? Has some apathy crept into your relationship with the Lord? Do you sense hardness where your heart used to be really soft towards God? Has God moved from being the centre of your life to being just one of the things that revolve around your own self-centredness? Do you feel like your spiritual life has declined?

Then you need life.

How does God revive you spiritually? He uses his word! If you need revival, God will revive you through his word. Are you spending lots of time there, listening for God’s voice in your heart? When you need reviving, ask God to speak to you through his word. Make sure your heart is open to him and ready to respond.

Why does God revive you? Because of his lovingkindness! Because you are God’s child, his heart is tender toward you. He pursues you. He breaks through your hardness. He gets your attention. He reminds you that he loves you. He kindles a longing in your heart for the days when you walked with him. And he revives you.

If you need reviving in your inner life, God is inviting you today to come to the only place you will find it—his word.

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