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Time with God - June 24, 2009

Wednesday 24th June

Isaiah 1:3

An ox knows its owner,
And a donkey its master’s manger, 
ut Israel does not know, 
My people do not understand.

Going your own way instead of God’s way is just plain stupid!

Even an ox knows that the one who owns it has the right to tell it where to turn and what to do. Even a donkey knows that it gets the food it needs from its master’s feeding trough. Yet, how easily we forget these most basic truths in our desire to be our own masters.

How frustrated God must get when we ignore the fact that He is our Maker and Lord. How ridiculous it must seem to Him when we think that our own feeding trough is better than His—that life will be better when we go our own way than it is in the path of His blessing—the path of obedience.

Think of how good your inner life is when you choose God’s way over your own way. And think of the stresses and frustrations you bring on yourself when you choose to ignore God.

He wants us to enjoy being His people, but sometimes we choose to live in disobedience.

God’s message to you today? Don’t be foolish, but be wise in bringing your life back under His total leadership. His way is the only way worth living.

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