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Time with God - Mar. 13, 2013


Jeremiah 29:11 
‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the LORD.

When you face a major challenge, an impossible situation, in your life, ask God to show you what He is doing and how He wants to do it through you!

God is purposeful in all that He does and He is in control of the circumstances of your life. The solution to an impossible situation is not found in what you can do, but in what God is doing.

Your situation is not a surprise to God. He knows exactly what He is doing in your life, and through you in the lives of others. “I know the plans that I have for you,” He says.

Ask God to help you recognize how this situation fits into how He is developing you as a person of God. Ask Him to also give you insight into how you can respond to this situation in a way that will point those around you to Him.

God allows situations like this into your life because He wants you to turn to Him and see Him do what you can’t. If you ignore God’s part in the situation and try to find a way through it in yourself, you short-circuit what God is doing.

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