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Time with God - May 28, 2010

Friday 28th May

James 4:6

God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

Do you feel that you have your life together, that you don't really need God in your life, that you are the master of your own fate, that God is just like a little boost on your self-made journey through life—like the spare-tire in the trunk of your car?

Then, brace yourself: God is opposed to you. God's biggest goal in your life is to destroy your pride. Sooner or later in your life, God will allow the things you're trusting in to come crashing down. Or He'll let you come to the place where you recognize that none of your accomplishments have done for you what you thought they would, in your inner life.

I hope when that day comes, you will humble yourself and recognize your deep inner need to make things right with God.

When God finds someone who acknowledges that they need His forgiveness, who recognizes that they need His help, who turns to Him in faith—then God pours out His grace on that person. He forgives them, helps them, and transforms their inner life.

Do you sense today that your pride has kept you from really turning to God in your life and putting your trust in Him? Use the "my response" section of this page to respond to what God is saying to you today.

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