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Time with God - October 15

Thursday 15th October

Romans 12:9

“Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.”

You are called to overcome evil with good!

When we read, watch or listen to the news it is really easy to get depressed. The tragic events that are happening all around us could leave us fearful. It seems as if evil is triumphing over good. The plans of the wicked seem to succeed, and the innocent are subject to terrorism, slavery and abuse.

When there is terror in the night and when the day breeds trouble, when we see suffering everywhere we look, we need to make sure that we hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and listen to the Word. The scriptures say that Jesus triumphed over evil.

In this struggle between good and evil, God wants you to know that you can make a difference by holding fast to what is good.

When you are experiencing injustice, he wants you to repay no one evil for evil but to hold fast to what is good and honourable. Throughout the Bible, God shows us that there’s a right and wrong way to respond to the injustice in our lives. We can get angry and get back at the person who hurt us or we can trust God to be the judge of all things while we bless our enemies and do good.

It’s not easy to love our enemies and bless the people who have hurt us. It’s certainly not easy to turn the other cheek. It’s not easy to trust that God sees all things and he is in charge of all things, especially when there is so much injustice in the world.

However, you have the Holy Spirit as your helper, your comforter and your guide. Ask him to give you strength and help you to hold fast to what is good. This is a way you can shine like a light in the darkness, and be an example to your family and friends who don’t know the Lord yet.

Is there a person who has mistreated you recently? Choose forgiveness today, hold fast to what is good and show them an act of kindness:

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