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Around the Corner of Christ - Warrior Mom Wisdom - Week of July 8

Warrior Mom Wisdom Devotional

Around the Corner of Christ

Have you been following Jesus for a while now? Has He led you down fearful paths and left you there? Did he run out on you right when the bad guys showed up? I know that answer to those questions. He stayed, He fought for you, He won, and as a result, you benefited from His loyalty to you. Jesus is our ultimate defender. He’s stronger than the superheroes on TV, He can outlast the heat of the sun, the wind and rain of powerful storms, He can warm you with His presence, and encourage you in times and moments when the world says, “That’s not possible; give up.”

He’s God! He wants us to walk right into all He has for us.

Picture Jesus as if He’s that favorite child-hood friend (the one you ran through the neighborhood with, climbed trees, and sat in the grass with). Jesus is constantly running up ahead of us saying, “C’mon, check THIS out! – follow me!” Why is it that when we were 8 years old, we raced quicker than lightening into the wood, across the creek, and climbed trees higher than our common sense was? We were kids. I understand why God wants us to be like children with Him. He wants us to not hesitate, to not doubt, to not pout, and to not shout out in fear, but rather – He wants us to race after Him with excitement for what awaits us around the corner that Christ has for us.

Corners. Hmm…. – We can stop before we turn the corner and safely accept the comforts of unachieved dreams - if we want. But, if we do that we miss out on what was lost, never really knowing “what” exactly it is we lost out on; we only feel the reverberating shiver of, “I should have, could I have? and “What will happen now that I didn’t?.” Don’t get me wrong, God still meets us there and helps us where we are, but He doesn’t give us a blessed sure-fire faith at the “pre-corners” of what Christ has for us. The blessed sure-fire faith blessings, well, those exist around the corner that Christ so beautifully led us to and then said, “C’mon, check THIS out! – follow me!”

It is my prayer that every Warrior Mom who lays her hungry eyes upon these words, stands and races off to catch up with God – who, by the way sent His only son to give you life eternal – who desires for you to live it to the full in the fullness of Christ. He has turned the corner for all He has for you, and He’s waiting for you to say, “Here I come!” I must warn you; however, that sacrifice exists around the corner. Yes, true sacrifice awaits. But will you look at the sacrifice or will you look at the Savior and the blessings abounding for having given it your ALL.

Thank you to all the Warrior Moms who sacrificed for Warrior Moms – for the countless women who have yet to hear about the POWER of the Word, who have yet to rise up as warriors – victorious, who are waiting to BELIEVE in more than what they’re not, but rather who know that God has more for them than they ever could imagine - around the corner.

So this is what the Sovereign Lord says:

“See I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation

Isaiah 28:16

Warrior Moms Unite!®


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