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How do you know? - Warrior Mom Wisdom - Week of March 19

  • 2019 Mar 19

Warrior Mom Wisdom Devotional

How do you know?

“How do you know what?” You ask.

Well, Warrior Moms, I’ve been thinking about this question because many people have been asking me this exact question lately. They ask it in different contexts, of course.  Some ask it in regard to changing jobs, taking a job, enrolling their child in pre-school, or changing the pre-school in which their child is currently enrolled, signing up their child for extra-curricular activity, reducing the amount of extra-curricular

….. One wife asked me recently, how she was supposed to know if she married the right man…. to which I quickly replied, “You are married to him now, so that is no longer a question.” Rather, let’s dig into the Word and ask God how He wants you to go about seeking Him and His will where you are now.

My answer to anyone who asks me a question is this: “Let’s see what the Word has to say about that.”

The truth is, I don’t have all the answers, but God does. God has very beautifully laid out His heart for us in His Word. So, as you prepare to face a New Year, I encourage you to not worry soo much about making New Year’s Resolutions. Rather, have a new resolve to seek Him in His Word, daily. I guarantee that after facing a new year asking The All-Knowing God your questions, you will wonder less and know God more, and that’s a blessing beyond measure!

Happy New Resolve to get into the Word!

Warrior Moms Unite!™

Kristina Seymour loves to encourage and equip women through the Word and through community. She is the author of The Warrior Mom Handbook, The Warrior Mom Leadership Manual, and The Warrior Wife Handbook; they are available at Kristina's Bible studies are for women who desire to live by faith in the midst of their everyday lives. She has learned that women can't survive on caffeine and animal crackers alone; women in the Word and in community are united and able to stand firm. To learn more about Kristina, please visit her website, loves to share His story of love and grace through us all, and Kristina believes that everyone has a story to tell.

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