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Shortly After…- Warrior Mom Wisdom - Week of January 29

  • 2019 Jan 29

Warrior Mom Wisdom Devotional

Dear Warrior Moms,

May you be encouraged if you are in the midst of a “shortly after” season.

Shortly after my wonderful faithful victory and breakthrough discussed in the previously chapter, I received my rejection letter from the University of Georgia’s Speech Pathology program and a few days later, I received a rejection letter from Georgia State University’s Speech Pathology Program. If I remember correctly, and I do, I was so devastated that I missed a day of work. How could my faith have failed me? How could this be? I just KNEW that I was supposed to be a speech pathologist and help children like Jacob. I wanted to help them learn to hear and speak and give their parents coffee and ask them how they were. I just knew I was supposed to help! Saying that I was devastated is putting it lightly. I didn’t understand how I could have faith and believe, and still not get into graduate school. In my first book (God & Coffee: in that order), I wrote a chapter called, “The Bugs must be confused.” Now, I was just bugged that I was sooooooooooooo so very confused.

I was so embarrassed too! I didn’t even want to go to work and show my face. I felt “stupid.” I was a mess. It was comparable to labor. When I had my first child, Faith, in the Army hospital in Washington State, I remember thinking, “You have GOT to be kidding me! I can’t believe that I’m having to do this! I can’t believe I’m in this position!” I was mortified. And I know it sounds like an exaggeration, but I felt the same way now. I was mortified and couldn’t believe I was in this position. I had failed.

I walked around “blank” for a while, and I started writing an angry little book called “Where the Red Cardinals Fly,” about the truth of my childhood, of alcoholism and abuse and darkness. It felt good to get it all out. I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote. I was going to write about my life up until the point I was at, and see what I had to say when I got there. It was very therapeutic, and liberating at the same time. I didn’t have much time to ponder my pain and disappointment though. Little did I know I’d be handed more.


Little did I know

That the pain I had today

Would seem so insignificant

To the heartache coming my way

And how could I comprehend

What I had not yet had to compare

Between what is and isn’t


Little did I know..

Oh if I could go back

To the day before the news

When everything was simple

And matter of fact

The temperature was 70

The ball game was on TV

And everything was so simple

Then you see

If only I appreciated the simple-ness


I would have appreciated those days more

If I knew what I know now  - then

But that’s not how it works

We don’t learn until we linger

Amid the pain of devastation

And then we start to remember

We remember to appreciate

The simple things of everyday

We start to say what’s on our hearts

In case the chance never comes our way


To Friends we grow closer

We laugh a little louder

With the joker

We look to God more sincerely

And we really stop to ponder

What really is a bother

And basically we determine

That the windy breeze feels nice

That ice is just that ice

And we start to become wise

When we grab an ice cube

And drop one or a few

And we laugh instead of cuss

Because everyone of us

Will drop an ice cube from time to


And why did I put all that in this rhyme

Because you see

If one can start to have victory

In the little things

Your Faith will begin to grow

WINGS yes WINGS of all things

And when the BIG things come

Yes the things that make you succumb

To the one of Higher Power

Then you’ll reach for a flower

And the silent scent

Will shower grace

Upon your soul

You don’t have to wait to

Grow old to become wise

If you look up to the sky NOW

And ask God to help

You fly

You see little did I know

That tomorrow would be much harder

Than I thought yesterday was

And that’s the truth


We don’t know until we’ve been there

What’s fair and isn’t fair

So I lay it all down to the One

 Who knows the number of every hair

Upon my head

Little did I know

That MY strength was not enough

Little did I know…

So many tears ago

What God would show… my soul                                  

Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.

Psalm 126

Kristina Seymour loves to encourage and equip women through the Word and through community. She is the author of The Warrior Mom Handbook, The Warrior Mom Leadership Manual, and The Warrior Wife Handbook; they are available at Kristina's Bible studies are for women who desire to live by faith in the midst of their everyday lives. She has learned that women can't survive on caffeine and animal crackers alone; women in the Word and in community are united and able to stand firm. To learn more about Kristina, please visit her website, loves to share His story of love and grace through us all, and Kristina believes that everyone has a story to tell.

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